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Welcome to the world of the Smart Fellers!

  Some folks don't know it, but one of The Smart Fellers is actually a woman. It's true! Some say that Alan K. Parks (bass fiddle), and Mark Larson (guitar and vocals) are the fellers, and Bonnie Otto (piano and vocals) is the smart one. The trio is patterned after the great Nat King Cole Trio of piano, guitar and bass. It's a quieter version of swing music, but still with a deep dance groove. Check out Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, I Still Get Jealous and Let's Do It as prime examples.

  On occasion, however, sometimes you need a drummer. On the songs Am I Blue? and Wish You Were Here (Yes, it's the Pink Floyd song), JB Duff joins the trio with his tasteful drumming.  Is just adding drums not enough for you? You say you need horns? Well, we got yer horns, too. Otis Mourning (saxes and clarinet) and Dave Johnson (cornet, trombone and alto horn) jump in on the songs I'm Beginning To See The Light,  Chartreuse, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Low Rider (yes, the War song), Old Man Of The Mountain and Sway.

  The overall sound of The Smart Fellers is a mix of jive, western swing, rockabilly and traditional jazz, but still with the timeless sound of 30s and 40s swing. This album is perfect for dancing, so grab your partner and get jitterbugging!

Produced by Alan K. Parks and Mark Larson
Recorded in April 2013, at The Napa School Of Music, Dave's front room and Mark's shed.
Mastered by Blair Hardman at Zone Recording, Cotati, CA.
A big thank you to Peter and Victoria Sykes!

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